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Finex Media Services – Finex Media Services
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Who We Are?

Idea Launch To It’s Global Presence. 

We Do Everything To Build Your Niche Brand!

Finex Media Services deals in creative graphic designing, website development, targeted content writing and niche online marketing (Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing) that helps your ideas take a good shape and reach out to a larger share of market. We also specialize in the new ways of niche marketing as well that includes Info-graphics (Graphical presentation of the data), Special Videos for Viral Marketing and Anroid applications.

Very specifically we cater to 1.) Startups, SMEs & MSMEs, 2.) Individuals willing to establish themselves & 3.) Existing Businesses entering the online industry.

We are a pool of creative professionals who, after working for years, could analyze the gap that still exists between the service providers and the clients / customers. That gap is more about the communication and less about the delivery. Our intention is to streamline things by cutting that gap and providing packaged solution to help you achieve your business objectives at ease.

Thoughtful Transformation To Your Random Thoughts!

Do you wish to launch your new business concept? And people think it won’t work! If you won’t try, anyways, it won’t, why not give it a shot? 

Let’s Give Shape To Your Business Concepts!


Logos and business kit are the price assets of any organization. We understand and know how to position your brand identity within your target audience.

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Google’s techniques keep changing day by day. In order to retain your business position, you need to maintain your activities accordingly.


Videos communicate you rightly as we are in always in motion. They grab attention instantly and lasts for long.


Change the way you look, give a fresh new look to your business online full of creative ideas and innovative methods!

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No one has time to read and understand what you wish to offer. Take help of INFOGRAPHICS and communicate quickly.


As we all know, “Content is king” here in our website world. Content helps to secure a position. Make your text catchy and communicating.


Having social presence isn’t enough. Building strong connect with your customers helps.

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Stay in their brains. Communication at a glance is what matters. No one has time for detailed understanding.

Online Consulting

While taking the initial few steps, we can be your guide in deciding which platform to choose and why! 

Featured Projects


JTT Exports

Fashion Export House


Mitter Fasteners

Nuts, Bolts and Sheet Metal



Sports Promotion



Latest News



Events & More



Travel & Tourism


Wheeling Happiness

Foundation For Disables


Concepts Based Designs

Template based designs are really boring. We design a concept to help you look different in your industry.

Socially Active

A non social brand often leaves bad impression. We must change with time. Social presence is must.

Unusual Approach

Cat standing in a dog row get attention. You must have a catchy design that stands uniquely in your industries row.

Customer Outreach

Don’t waste your gadgets and wifi to show off only. Use them effectively to get more business and touch base with a larger audience share.


We Serve

While taking the step towards your new concept, your brain is occupied by ample of doubts if it will work, what will people say etc etc which makes you cautious towards planning your investments. It’s totally okay to be skeptical about investing on your concept initially when you have to invest your hard earned money and there are no investors to pour rupees for everything.

Have a budget?

Tell us, we will design the package around that.

And it’s just not to say but we have worked with many startups till now and that’s how we do with everyone.

While your concept is busy making space in the industry, you have a major role to play. Whatever may be said about marketing that it works and various platforms around it, it is the business owner who is prime icon that starts well and continues till eternity. People judge you. And building strong connect with your clients works perfectly well for your venture.

Be socially available. Portray your business through personal branding. Brand yourself and see the difference.

Go for a great website, and stay active on major social platforms. If you don’t have time, call us, we will make things work for you.

You come first, marketing comes way later.

While you are often busy with your regular work, you often forget that there are thousands of people who are active online. You can en-cash the opportunity by clicking on to this medium.

Have a website?

Keep it updated.

Don’t have one?

Let’s build one for you asap because today’s trend says if your business is alive online, it means you will make it to the next generation easily.


Ashima Kalra - Founder

We work for startups, entrepreneurs & established brands in building their portfolios and helping them launch their ideas online.

Some time back, I decided to launch my concept online and I despite of trying hands with many freelancers & IT companies, I could not launch one, all because our dear so called professionals could not deliver right results on right time. So, I decided to leave that and start with Finex Media Services that can help people come online at justified budgets.

We don’t leave until complete handover!

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